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Learn To Ride A Bike

As a member of the Reach Out Des Moines Coalition, Y.E.T.I. works closely with other community groups to provide resources for the Pacific Crest neighborhood. With the move to online classes during the pandemic, many youth experienced a decrease in access to physical activity. Y.E.T.I. went to work. We set up a 9 week Learn How to …

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Sativa’s Story

“Y.E.T.I. has given me the opportunity to step out my comfort zone and experience something I would have never done otherwise. It gave me a sense of adventure. I took part in a rock climbing club with Y.E.T.I. and I had the most amazing time! We worked with the most incredible people and went to …

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Rheanna’s Story

“Y.E.T.I. is an opportunity that helped me step out of my comfort zone, complete challenges, and reach goals I never thought I could achieve. Not only that, but it provided me with experiences I would have never gotten on my own. I got to go rock climbing, a couple of sessions inside first, but then …

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