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Sativa’s Story

“Y.E.T.I. has given me the opportunity to step out my comfort zone and experience something I would have never done otherwise. It gave me a sense of adventure. I took part in a rock climbing club with Y.E.T.I. and I had the most amazing time! We worked with the most incredible people and went to beautiful spots in nature. I loved the fact that it was so hands on. The first day we were right there on the rocks climbing. People were even learning to trust their peers and allow them to belay for one another.

“On one of the trips we went to a beautiful place for our very first time climbing on real rocks. This trip was one of the biggest ones for me because I overcame huge obstacles. We were learning how to rappel and I was very discouraged by the new technique, but after a lot of motivation from the people around me, I went to try it.  All my gear was ready for me to begin, I heard the instructor tell me to go over the ledge. I was halfway off when I started freaking out. I just couldn’t get over that ledge. As much as I wanted to do it, I just couldn’t. I quickly got back on the ledge and untied myself and walked away, still freaking out. I never tried something that risky and I wasn’t willing to try again.

“Thankfully our Y.E.T.I. guide was there to coach and encourage me.  So I nervously got back up and tried again. This time I found myself actually doing it and halfway through I realized it wasn’t bad at all. It was actually fun! If it wasn’t for our Y.E.T.I. guide constantly pushing and motivating me to keep going I and others wouldn’t have had the chance to say I rapelled down a huge rock and conquered my fears!

“Y.E.T.I. gives youth the ability to push themselves past their previous limits, to reach things  they didn’t think were possible. It gave me and my peers a chance to take part in something new and exciting to love. Y.E.T.I. is far more than some trips into the wilderness, it gave me amazing opportunities and helped me find my courage. Thank you Y.E.T.I.!”

– Sativa, age 15

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