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Rheanna’s Story

“Y.E.T.I. is an opportunity that helped me step out of my comfort zone, complete challenges, and reach goals I never thought I could achieve. Not only that, but it provided me with experiences I would have never gotten on my own. I got to go rock climbing, a couple of sessions inside first, but then my classmates and I went out to North Bend and climbed on real rocks in the beautiful mountains. I reached views that I never thought I could, I trusted multiple people with my life in their hands as they belayed me, I got over my fear of heights and found the beauty in them, and lastly, I experienced a new level of confidence surrounded by some of my closest friends. Y.E.T.I. provides great opportunities to find yourself, plus appreciate and love the outdoors even more. I had a wonderful guide that I knew was genuinely proud of me when I accomplished a task on the rocks. I met dedicated volunteers that wanted to teach me and introduced us to new challenges. Y.E.T.I. helps us kids grow and reach the top, even through frustration and doubt.”

– Rheanna, age 15

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