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Volunteer Highlights: What does Math have to do with an Outdoor Club? 

On Tuesday afternoons at Highline High School, you will find a group of students learning skills and planning for high adventures in their newly-formed outdoor club. So far, the club has had guest speakers from Pro Ski Films, gone on hikes to see waterfalls, and learned rock climbing basics. Y.E.T.I.’s vision is to build the capacity for more Outdoor Educators and Volunteers to join forces with public schools in order to make time in nature and outdoor adventure more accessible to young people in King County. We know that time outside has enormous benefits for both Mental Health and Social Emotional Development in youth. We also know that early introduction to outdoor activities promotes a lifelong pursuit of healthy physical activities. But the real magic comes when you put caring adults into the lives of young people week after week. Sometimes it’s not the Outdoor Adventure that needs to be inspired– Last week it was algebra. As the outdoor club wrapped up, one of our volunteers knocked the rust off their math skills and took the time to help a student figure out equations for their algebra homework. This represents the Y.E.T.I. philosophy that support and service to young people requires a holistic approach. The development of youth into happy healthy adults happens on many fronts and Y.E.T.I. is always proud to be a part of that tapestry of support.


We wanted to take a moment to shout out some of the YETI HEROS that have been making the magic possible this spring!


Over the last month Y.E.T.I. has gotten a lot of help from Sean Griffin, a marketing professional and one of our dedicated volunteers! Additionally, we’ve received a ton of help from Kiya Wu, our UW grad student interning through the communication leadership program. Thanks so much you two!

School Clubs:

Shout out to Brian, Rick, Daniel, and Noah, some of our volunteer guides who were able to carve out time in their work week to help support our school based clubs. They have helped students learn biking and rock climbing skills and their long term commitment to these programs help us consistently deliver quality outdoor experiences during the school day.

Bike Fleet:  (Text Thread:)

Volunteer: Hey whats the code for the bike trailer again? I have some time today.

YETI: Here you go

Volunteer:  Its 20 Bikes right? 

YETI: yep 

Volunteer: DONE 

People help in all kinds of ways Tyler, craftsman and welder spent a Sunday fixing our mountain bike trailer. 

Sharing Your Passion:

Working with our partners Phenomenal She and Game of Life, our volunteer Michealene shared her passion for marine biology with a group of excited students. Despite some morning rain the group had a great time and got to explore all the amazing aquatic life that thrives on the Puget Sound coastline!

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