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Salish Sea and beyond – New Kayaks


The Pacific Northwest is defined by the movement of water across our landscape. From the snow packed mountains to the wild rivers, to the Salish sea, water continuously shapes the way that life moves and exists in our beautiful home. For over a year, the Youth Experiential Training Institute has been working with partners to secure a Kayak Fleet so we can ensure that young people in South King County can experience the Northwest from the water.

 This month, the kayaks are taking to the water and will prove to be a resource for years to come, building powerful learning experiences and connections to our natural world. The journey to obtaining Kayaks during Covid has been long and challenging but through a number of key partnerships, we were able to pull it off. We benefited from the support of the State Conservation and Recreation Office’s No Child Left inside Grant, local manufacturers such as HOV Sports for PFDs, Mountains to Sound Outfitters for logistic and ordering,  Seattle Adventure Sports for  training and policy development, REI for the use of kayaks in the interim and many more. We look forward to working with the City of Burien and the Environmental Science Center, who are long-term Partners helping us ensure this resource can be used at Seahurst Park and beyond.

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