Gritstick 501(c) Ski

Y.E.T.I. has teamed up with LibTech and “Henry” to create a very special limited-edition alpine ski.

These babies are legendary LibTech freeride skis with exclusive “hang on the wall” artwork.

These all mountain skis utilize LibTech’s patented Magne-traction tech. With Magne-traction you will slay the powder and lay deep carves on the groomers; all will this single-ski quiver. 

So go ahead, treat yourself to a collector’s item that performs as great as it looks. You can feel good about the fact that half of your investment will be going to support Y.E.T.I. youth on their own outdoor adventures.


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2021/22 Specs

$ 749
  • GRITSTICK 106: 171 (134-106-124)
  • GRITSTICK 106: 178 (137-106-126)
  • GRITSTICK 106: 185 (142-106-130)

2021/22 Specs

$ 649
  • GRITSTICK 98: 155 (125-98-115)
  • GRITSTICK 98: 162 (127-98-117)

100% of the proceeds goes to youth programs.

Pre-Order Now


(Nov 12, 2021)

Ski purshasers will be invited to our exclusive “old-school” ski release party where you can pickupyour GRITSTICKs, toss back a Georgetown brew with Henry and maybe get a selfie with a real pro skier.

Party details will be emailed later in the summer.
(alternative pick-up location will be available)

Thank you for supporting Y.E.T.I.

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