Y.E.T.I.’s partnerships are an integral part of making our programs successful. Teachers, principals, social workers, counselors, and Parent Peacher Associations all help us with our outreach and connecting Y.E.T.I. to the students who need it most.

Through the gear lending library at Washington Trails Association, REI, and individual gear manufacturers we are able to outfit our participants with the high-quality gear they need to safely partake in outdoor recreation.

Our partnership with 4H allows us to train all of our volunteers in challenge course facilitation, an invaluable skill in providing quality programming. The Waskowitz Outdoor School in the Highline School District and Camp Long of Seattle Parks and Recreation allow us to use their challenge courses, helping us work towards our mission of developing youth, grit, and character.

Additionally, through our partnerships with similar organizations, we are able to offer even more programming and burlier trips. 

It is only with the support of our community that we serve our community 

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